Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ra Choi Preview Screening

The debut feature by M Frank RaChoi (Coming Out to Play) will be given its first screening on November 17th 2005. The cast and crew preview, screening at Film Australia, Lindfield, Sydney will also take place to introduce the film to distributors and industry members. If you are interested in attending the screening on a professional level please do not hesitate in contacting me at davemichaelbrown@yahoo.co.uk

On another exciting note Ra Choi has been nominated for the Best Feature award at the 2005 Australian Writers Guild - AWGIES. Its fellow nominees are Look Both Ways, Little Fish and Three Dollars. The awards will be presented in Melbourne on November 25, 2005.

After taking on publicity duties on the film, Ra Choi has been featured in Encore Magazine and Filmink and will be appearing in more UK and Australian publications so keep an eye out for more news. Please check out www.rachoi.com


Milli Howson said...

Thanks Dave! Good work!
We (the Ra Choi Cast and Crew) are extremely chuffed to finally reach this stage after many (many) hurdles and look forward to seeing this film on the big screen.
A big thanks goes to all whom are involved and an even bigger thanks to M. Frank for birthing this story to fruition - Milli Howson, RA CHOI Associate Producer. 2 Nov, 2005.

Karina Goddard said...

Hello all
Karina Goddard (aka "distributor of methodone) here.
Big ups and congrats to M Frank and all cast and crew for the successful way Ra Choi is heading. Especially after the AWGIES win couple of days ago.
And the biggest smooches to the incredibly hard working Michael and Milli! Hopefully now we can get the film distributed and Michael can buy his car back.