Monday, January 16, 2006

Latest News

Happy New Year to you all. Well 2006 looks like it will be as busy if not busier than last year so here goes. The first issue of Smoke and Mirrors; the Australian special effects magazine, is almost with us. The first issue will see my report from the set of Rogue and a profile of UK company Framestore cfc, the men and women behind some breathtaking imagery in the recent Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Doom and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Many thanks to Matt Hearn, David Lightfoot for their time and Ayisha Davies for making the set visit possible; from what I've seen so far Rogue will prove that Wolf Creek was no one off. Also thanks to Steph Bruning at Framestore for her gracious help.

Starburst issue #333 will feature part one of my preview of my Superman Returns set visit. The actual report will be featured around the film's release in July and will include my interviews with Bryan Singer, Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Parker Posey and Kevin Spacey. Issue 4 of Cinema Retro includes a brief news piece on the recent Stanley Kubrick exhibition, the full report will appear in the next issue. I've also just sent off the third DVD Down Under report for DVD World so look out for that soon.


Thoroughly Modern said...

AWESOME!!! Well Done!

Chris said...

Superman looks more camp than you do

wholesale merchandise said...

can i get more information?

Anonymous said...

hi dave, can't wait to read the superman article. did you tell bryan singer that
metropolis = chicago
gotham city = nyc?
- Paul