Thursday, February 09, 2006

RA CHOI world premiere in London

We are proud to announce that the World Premiere of Ra Choi will take place in London at 20:30 on March 6th as part of the prestigious London Australian Film Festival. The screening will take place at The Barbican and will be introduced by director Michael Frank. He will also be holding a Q&A session after the film. Other films being shown include The Proposition, Three Dollars and Little Fish.

Literally "coming out to play" in Vietnamese, Ra Choi follows four homeless kids struggling for a life worth living on the mean streets of a Sydney suburb. Teenagers Dac Kien, Lahn, Trinh and Lucy are the most modern and tough of 21st century urban families, in this raw feature debut from M. Frank, whose experimental shorts have reaped awards and critical praise on both sides of the equator. (Excerpt from Australian Film Festival website)

For ticket details and availability please go to

The film’s European tour will also take in the Cinemasia Festival in Amsterdam on April 8th where Ra Choi closes the event. For festival details and screening times please check

As I have previously mentioned I am handling the publicity on Ra Choi, if any media publications are interested in covering the film, interviews with the cast and crew or any other details please do not hestitate in contacting me on Also check for new screening announcements.


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