Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Latest News

As the release date of Superman Returns draws ever closer Starburst has begun to publish reports from my visit to the set last year. Starburst Special #74 features a set report and Starburst #336 will feature my interview with Kevin Spacey who plays Lex Luther. The more I hear about the film the better it sounds, can't wait until June 29th. Starburst will feature much more from my set visit in future issues so keep your eyes on the shelves over the next few of months.

The first issue of Smoke and Mirrors has hit the shelves and looks great. The issue features my Rogue set report and a profile of UK company Framestore CFC.

Issue 5 of Cinema Retro is due out soon and will include my look at the exhibition Stanley Kubrick: Into the Mind of a Visionary Filmmaker including excerpts of my interview with Malcom McDowell and Christianne Kubrick.

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