Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy New Year

The New Year has marked flourish of activity on the Cinemascape Show. I appeared on the end of year round up show and in recent weeks I have reviewed the Coen brother’s fabulous No Country for Old Men and Julie Delpi’s 2 Days in Paris. Next week I’ll be producing the show and reviewing Juno. One of my film's of 2008 already, Jason Reitman's tale of teenage pregnancy builds on the promise of his earlier effort Thank You For Smoking and gives us one of the finest teen films since The Breakfast Club! The cast is extraordinary; Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Gardner all give career bests. The dialogue is witty and sharp, even bringing in discussions on who is the best horror director? Dario Argento or Herschell Gordon Lewis! The script by Diablo Cody marks her as a talent to watch. Everything about the film is effortlessly cool, even though they tried really hard.

The team will also be discussing Cloverfield which I also loved. Despite its derivative premise and the laboured use of the discovered video tape motif this 'Blair Witch meets Godzilla meets The OC' is fantastic. Yes the cast are all far too good looking and that camera’s battery life is supercharged to say the least but when that monster strikes and Manhattan is under siege this is a truly astonishing cinematic experience. For a pure adrenaline rush Cloverfield cannot be beaten and despite the hand held, shaky imagery this film just has to be seen in a cinema with a massice screen and huge sound system. To hear full reviews tune in on Friday 25th of January at 6pm on 89.7 FM.

In magazine news the next issue of Smoke & Mirrors will feature some of the interviews conducted on the set of The Ruins last year including director Carter Smith and stars Joe Anderson, Jena Malone and Laura Ramsey. The magazine also includes a chat I had with Alex Wuttke; CG Supervisor on Roland Emmerich’s forthcoming 10,000BC. The issue will hit the shelves in March.

Issue #136 of Shivers features more of my coverage of the Australian horror comedy I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer and the next issue of Starburst will include my interview with director Jamie Blanks about his latest film Storm Warning.

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Ellen Page No. 1 FAN said...

"Juno" ROCKED!
This is a great Blog, keep it up DMB