Thursday, December 11, 2008


Later today I'll be returning to the airwaves on Eastside 89.7 FM's Cinemascape. The show features discussion on Rob Schneider's dire Big Stan, Quarantine the US shot for shot remake of the Spanish chiller REC and I'll be reviewing the long awaited big screen adaptation of Stephenie Myers hugely successful novel Twilight. As a huge fan of bloodsuckers on screen I found the film a rather toothless affair. The film is blatantly aimed at the books original readership; these vampires are 'vegetarians' who sparkle in the sunlight, nothing there that could scare a 14 year old girl. Putting cynicism aside, this isn't aimed at the horror purest and director Catherine Hardwicke certainly brings the romance elements of the film to the fore with her tale of teenage bloodlust. It's love at first bite and Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) and the OC with fangs stylings will have it's youthful audience swooning. The inherent sensual tensions and lustful yearnings are nicely played by the leads although Pattinson's awkward opening scenes did raise many a unintended titter at the screening I attended. The filmmakers, however, do seem more intent on concentrating on the romantic aspects of the storyline, this is more Pretty in Pink than the Horror of Dracula, so the nocturnal activities of these MTV Nosferatu's seem like a tagged on afterthought. It's almost a shame they used the 'V' word at all. At least then your average cinema goer can leave their expectations, and fake fangs, at the door. To hear my review tune in tonight at 6pm.

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Bella Sebastien said...

The radio was great Dave, thanks as always.